At New Hope Christian Academy, we strive to give each child an excellent education, nurtured in a Christian atmosphere that will give them the strength and ability to lead a happy, productive life. We offer students from three-year-old kindergarten through the twelfth grade a comprehensive curriculum, combined with a strong foundation in Christian and moral teachings.

Our school is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools and the Georgia Association of Christian Schools. Standardized test scores consistently rank New Hope Christian Academy students among the nation's best. Our experienced and trained teachers help the children accomplish this by using the A Beka Book curriculum in grades K-3 through 12th. High school is fully accredited through A Beka Academy.


A+ 98-100
A 95-97
A- 92-94
B+ 90-91
B 87-89
B- 84-86
C+ 82-83
C 79-81
C- 76-78
D+ 74-75
D 72-73
D- 70-71
F 0-69